Liquid K2 On Paper

Buy Liquid K2 On Paper For Sale Pennsylvania State officials are still investigating, after a lockdown of every state prison on Wednesday. Officials with the Department of Corrections say the lockdowns came following the introduction of illicit drugs into the prison system.

Dozens of corrections officers have overdose recently inside the prisons.

Pennsylvania State Police have reportedly said that the drugs found inside the prisons are believe to be cannabinoid.

One such cannabinoid is gaining in popularity in prisons across the nation. K-2 is a marijuana product in liquid form, and was recently report to be responsible for 90 overdose in Connecticut.

“The liquid K2 is what we’re seeing being a problem all over the United States,” explained TAG Drug Task Force Commander Tony Villanueva.

In its liquid form, K2 is then spray onto plants, paper, of fibers.
Sheriff Jerry Greene explained it as, “Pretty much anything that someone can cut or spray onto something that can be smoked.”

But the drug has several danger factors.

“You can just picture them spraying a big area,” said Sheriff Greene. “One area could be heavy with the product and another could have little to none sprayed on it.”

Since the drug is man-made there is an additional problem.

“You don’t know where it came from, who had it, or what they put in it to make it lethal,” said Villanueva.

Because the liquid drug can be spray onto paper and then later smoke or ingeste, there is a reason to believe that it may be coming in through the mail.

Pennsylvania state prisons announced Wednesday that they have shut down all incoming inmate mail that is not legal in nature.

“There so many way that they come up with to get it into correction facilities,” said well.”

However, since the liquid K2 is odorless and colorless, protection becomes a priority.

Pennsylvania Department of Correction said Wednesday that all prison staff member are require to use safety glove and other equipment. In addition, corrections officers are reportedly receiving additional training.

But for Sheriff Jerry Greene the possibility becomes precarious.

“The sprays and the products like that that come on mail will become very difficult.

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